by Avolation

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Core To The Core - Avolation - EP Premiere


released October 1, 2015

Avolation -

Proceeds go to the artists!

Vocals - Aaric Mathieu
Guitar - Joe Tiago & Alex Thorpe
Bass - Josh DeSellier
Drums - Shaine Frederick




Core To The Core Massachusetts

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Core To The Core

Progressive promotion collective since 2012.

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Track Name: Perception
Perceptions of beings so far from earth
we can never reach the living arcitechture,
never created or destroyed, contradictions of a black void
the ones who we serve are the harbingers of the infamous demise that will end our time,
our future is written through remnants of our ancient past,
manipulation of false ideas forced to accept the tainting perception, depicting illusions, blinded by deception,
but through these eyes I overcome,
I overcome,
the truth lies behind your eyes,
only the devine can see,
only dreams give us the key,
visions on what we beleive,
complex theories of a missing link...
Track Name: Voyage
We will rise into the abyss, into the cosmos of serenity
Flying with the stars in a never ending sea of dreams
The voyage of a lifetime
I see the worlds of life, the essence of prosperity
As I look to the sky
Envisioning the start, of a new galactic age
What lies beyond the horizon?
What lies beyond the man on the moon?
Are you the only one that can see and breath?
Are you the only one with dreams and curiosity?
Are you, the only one with tranquility?
I believe we are not alone; life does not strive only in this world
We are not the first; we will not be the last
Even if the answer is yet to be revealed in this life, or the next, or the next, Each night look to the sky, and let your mind take you
As far as you’re willing to believe
As far as you’re willing to perceive
Track Name: An Intricate Balance
All around you, there is a balance unseen
Existence may not be, without this intricate symmetry
The good the bad and the in-between,
There are these energies
These you cannot see
How you may feel on this day is influence from this mystery
A universal mapping, a life flow that is all
But it can all be blown away, by the power of man today
By the power of corruption and hate
It has potential to drown in evil
We must achieve, balance
Do not let fear determine your fate, (your fate)
Your not too far behind, (don’t let stress bring you down inside)
You still have time to grow
Be aware change is near
This generation will shift, a new cycle will begin
Will you act upon your own fate?
Or be a slave to false ways, what will you do, what will you do?
Track Name: The Life Path
Here we go again, The hit is in, and all I know,
Time is going to fade, This is just another day,
On the path we have made, We can only keep heading straight,
Under the influence of earth, Some say its a curse, It couldn't be any worse, It came to me in the past but I was always first,
To come to terms with the fact I was put through these acts,
Now the time has come, I can't trip or slip off my path,
Pushed back into my past, put into a cast of memory,
To those who doubted me, I stand my ground,
Listen to the sound as it comes around, and shuts you down,
While I rise to wear your crown,
No more delusions, No more confusion, This is the end,
With the start of a new course, Pushing through just to make it,
In this big picture, we all call life,
There is no room for strife and error, The choices are drastic,
Just flow through your desires, until your higher, than the lesser compromiser,
Follow the life path of which you craft, The choices are yours to grasp,
Just keep your mind on task, and you will, Remain on these tracks,
So don't look back...
Track Name: Conscious Unity
We have taken to the seas, we have taken to the skies,
Further expanding our touch, evolving, becoming the gods ourselves,
We are the living images of the fibonacci, a constant move toward perfection, though it may never be reached.
We can only grow closer, if we all stand together
Instead of being against each other, our future purpose will, be stalled no longer, we are more than we perceive, you're capable of more than you think,
Our race is more than an accident of nature, we are sentient beings of this planet, we are to be the protectors of this Earth, This planet we call home, it too has a life of it's own,
This conscious flows within us, the more damage we commence, the more it reflects on us,
Disease and disaster are more than just a mystery,
These are the signs and the keys,
To awake from the illusions we see, to further become what we are meant to be...
Track Name: Distal Stimulus
My mind is overtaken, all that is left is pure thought and hallucination,
I am now connected, to consciousness, energy and vibration,
It's connected to my mind, I continue to ask these questions, only to forget the answers I seek,
through the dimensions, my imagination becomes reality,
through the dimensions, my imagination will thrive,
When I close my eyes, a new world comes to life,
the faces of the lies and corruption we face each day,
but I shall not worry, this influence will come to an end,
I am lost in my head, but I am not afraid,
so I stand here and wait, for a new journey to begin, until that time,
This knowledge is my weapon, and my determination is my shield...