by Mycelia

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Core To The Core - Mycelia - Full Length Album Premiere


released January 25, 2017

- Mycelia -

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Track Name: Call Of The Void
The ceiling is staring back at me. An inscrutable surface of spotless white, uninspired and cold. Just like I am. And
numbed over the years. Counting 1 to 5. Feel the urge is rising. Hard to make it fit into my day. Your futile attempts
of atonement. Pull each nail out. Waiting is numbing. Out goes denial. In comes the pain. The perspiration on your
face. Call it void. Call the Emptiness, nothingness responds. Playing its dice. Out goes denial, in comes the pain.
Expanding fire and ice. Pull each rusty nail out. Feel like I’m crawling over nails. Sealing all the darkness in my
Dan Barbosa, Shipman, Manson, John Gacy, Dahmer, Ted Bundy, been living a cruel life.
Sad it’s save me from me. Tossing the stone. Tidal waves of shattered glass. Burying what’s left of me, demanding
to step down into the void, into the deep. Maybe then the voice begins to speak again. You got me swaying from
this great height. You got me standing on this hard ledge. In contradiction to my blind-sight I’m more persuaded by
my blind faith. I sharpen the blade that’s on my knife to cut out those live signs. It’s not the way to escape from you
plight. Hold it close! You try to focus, try to concentrate, not to misbehave, not to be distracted by my mind. It
doesn’t matter anymore, anyway. Tossing the stone. Maybe that’s when the voice begins to speak. Demanding to
step down into the void, into the deep. Into the deep! I’m scared if there’s nothing else and fate’s not assumption
enclosed in this tomb with no escaping. Afraid that if once impelled to let go, if my thought’s to grow to what’s
below. A trade. Life’s cruel and it’s not to change. The light’s on it’s way.
Oh, make it boil. It makes my blood boil. I say like see. Oh, make you blind. It brings on blindness to all the
violence. Scold, fell into nothingness. Prayed it was there to behold, set an uprising of hope. Halo’s bounce from
falling off. Just slow down. I feed a lot so swallow. When I claim the force to rain, can you feel the tension? Come
feel me force incision. Only wait. Lay your hands on, lay your hands on me. Let loneliness emerge. Any regrets?
When everything withers you lay your hands on. Any regrets? Before you hit the tracks lay your hands on, lay your
hands on me. Take a healthy swig and drown the pills, call the emptiness. It’s the mind that tricks. It’s the void that
kills. When everything withers you lay your hands on and deconstruction is the constant result of all ambitions to
create something great, maybe then beliefs will fade.
Track Name: Drop The Baby
Your breath is spreading a disease. Why are you still here? Please leave, please leave! Your aura's sickening, your
presence is mold. Why am I still here? I'll leave as foretold. Close your eyes and count to ten! You're now forced to
face your very end. Kill shot, bitch! Your breath is spreading a disease, please leave, please leave! Your part in the
story, is a drop in the sea. You fall and you merge and you fade eventually. The waves drag you away from me.
You take away my opportunities to make up my mistakes. You thief, you thief! You're fastened onto me like mold.
Jump on board,before the end will reach us all. Close your eyes and count to ten! Close your eyes, embrace your
death, accept the end! The past is beyond, but still I'm trapped in yesterday. Trapped in yesterday, where
everything is grey. I will leave as foretold. I will leave and never look back. The past is beyond, but still I'm trapped
in yesterday. Trapped in yesterday, where everything is grey. Tomorrow's what I reach for, but only in my wildest
dreams. You're insane, I can hear your crying. Just, grant me my release!!
Your breath is spreading a disease. Your part in the story is a drop in the sea. Life is hard from womb to grave.
Your fingers charred from trusting flames. In the ground lies who your wisdom was forced on. I'm stuck in the grey.
That's all that you say. Why am I still here? I thought by now that's clear.
We miscommunicate, it came to blows and blame. You curse my name, stab my heel and bleed my strength. Lies
are slipping through your forked tongue. I'm stuck in the grey. That's all that you say. Why am I still here? I thought
by now that's clear.
Feel the barrel down your throat, bitch taste that metal load. Close your eyes and count to ten! Expect the shot
before the end. Please have mercy and grant me my release. Please have mercy, I want my inner peace. I want my
inner peace, I want my inner motherfucking peace. Feel the barrel down your throat, bitch taste that metal load.
Close your eyes and count to ten! Expect the shot before the end. Ah, you seem to love a little fighting, you seem
alive when you're afraid I'm sick of washing off your make-up from my hands.
Yes I am nothing, nothing of what I ever could become. But hey I got this gun. Let's see who's name get scratched
from my story. Find the place where you belong, force a smile. Clawing at your fate alone, wait and see. Falling at
the gate alone, wait and see. It's all to make you play along, wait and see. Hold back screams in your throat! Now
I'm fastened on to you. A new age will be born. An era from ashes it grew. And all the boundaries shall be torn, be
torn horrifically apart. I've had enough. For every action, there's an opposite reaction. I've had enough. I've had
Track Name: Legacy
Just found myself on this battlefield caused by hate and greed. Fallen soldiers. A mass grave. Those who are
responsible just disappeared. Now I have the honor to clean up this mess, to hush up what could remind us of the
past. The last victim’s buried. Descendants comforted. And the gunfire sadly salutes. Can I walk straight on with my
head up high? I’ve sown good fortune in all of your mind, on the infertile soil of your grief. Will I harvest consolation
and forgiveness or will I reap the hate of my predecessors? I can’t go on. It’s my demise. Or I must erase. But still I
must follow my duty, must hide all the graves, must plant some more trees. The memories force me, to hide a mass
grave, dig a hole. Elected. Bring out the dead. Shovel and pick. The dig that I dig
Track Name: 1001011
Sacrifice your blood for deliverance, worship the emperor I have become. Worship what I have become. The
power of one, versus the world. The gathering of few, versus the universe. Hyphae united, Mycelia.
Track Name: Permanent Intoxication
Insidious hiding in the meadows. Invidious always observing the ultimate ambition. Awaiting the rain that shall
protect the troops of doom, that shall protect the uprising plague. Men hunting one another to see the heretic
dead. Give them a reason worth to die for, worth to fight for. Painful stalled toes and fingers. Lost unborn
progenies motionless lie about. Apparently dead. And those never ending pins and needles, like fire under the
skin, brought in afflicted harvest gorged without concern. Kneel to the donor of grief. Innocent slight, inexorable
increase. Suffer on incurred wrath, the rise of mischief. Bow down in front of creation’s crowning glory. Pray for
relief. Father help me, depraved is all I see, degenerated bodies, shadows of diseased. Douse the fire. No longer I
can hide. Douse the flames that sear me from the inside. War-torn families, fought by their own sons. Awakening
in hell, praying to the savior of the diseased, praying at the altar of saint Antony.
Track Name: Acardiac
I chew on my tongue, all senses become numb. Bite my broken lips, to receive the serpents final kiss.I scrape my
face off, rip off my lid, pull out my infected eyes. I skin myself alive. I tell you my prey, I wear your face now, to rise
on your earnings and infect those who stayed by your side.
Everything you rely on, worthless it will be. The evoked evil breed I am! Your existence, my desire. Your ignorance
is what I admire. The scent of your sheets, watching you sleep. So libidinous. Seductive but selfish.
I digested my existence. I died but I returned. The acardiac I have become, heartless I stroll about, longing for
rebellion. I pull on the chain without any avail. A smile on my face because I imagine myself suffocating. The time
has come for the slave to slay its lord. I've become everything I used to hate too strong not to regurgitate. The
desire to die. I end this live in vain, destroy what you have made me become, destroy the reflection I see.
Kick me when I'm down, stab my back and twist the knife, fasten the string around my neck. Breathless, I can’t feel
the pain. Smash the mirror, cut my veins, avenge the sorrow I brought to this land. Burnt out from the inside. The
empty shell I have become. The addiction for power, devastating still irresistible. Fill me up with trust and share
your heart/blood for consolation.
Bleed for me, bleed for the whore you are, bleed for the coward I am. Waste your last breath. Choke. Scream
yourself to death.