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Core To The Core - Arkentype - Full Length Album Premiere


released June 15, 2017

Arkentype - Facebook.com/Arkentype

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Track Name: Ashed and Dirt
Erica, get us out of here!

Save me like you always do
When I'm stronger I'll come back for you
Please, the ground is shattering
I can feel hell below
My time to die is not now

I wipe my childish tears as my memories burn down
The smoke surrounds me, I know Erica’s inside

Flames, My childhood up in flames
Where are you family, I’m afraid
I’m all alone, I can’t get out
In flames I'm gonna drown

All we have is ashes and dirt
Looks like I'm leaving this world as I came
A child too young like me
A victim of life as it can be
Track Name: Welcome to My World
This is the part when i say, this is war
Underestimate me is the last mistake you'll ever do
Before this is over, you will hear me out
(Enter my world)
Welcome to my world

There is something strange about this place
I can't quite figure it out but I will run one day
Believe me when I say

I am losing control
What's real, what's fake
Welcome to the circus my friend
Welcome to my world

As the sun burst through my eyes, I wonder if I will ever belong
There's a fine line between reality and insanity
When all you've ever known has been taken away from you
What do you do?
Well, I've been searching for that answer for so long now Erica,
I just can't do this any longer

How am I supposed to do this
Without you
What have I done to deserve this
Erica, Erica
I need you now, I need you now
My dear
Hold on until the end
Track Name: Who Are We
Soon we will be reunited
Only one moment away
A glimpse of hope you'll resurrect
And save me from this hell

My spirit is broken, my knees are weak
(I can't keep fighting death)
I can't keep fighting death
But you, my dear, my truth, my home
You can save me
Can save me from my agony

Words unspoken
Is brought to life
My faith is broken
There's nowhere left to hide

How am I supposed to this without you?
What have I done to deserve this, Erica?
Track Name: Time Collapse
I tried to escape reality
Playing hide and seek with insanity

But my mind has caught up with me
And I don't know how to stop it now
All the lies that you've left me with
Empty promises
So divine you were to me
Are you reaching out to me from heaven
So unholy the way you torture me
Are you reaching out to me from hell

But my mind has caught up with me
And I don't know how to stop it now
All the lies that you've left me with
Empty promises as time collapse
Track Name: Ignorant Child
They've been treating me like an ignorant child
They close my eyes every time there's something I'm not supposed to see

They hit me when I don't follow orders
They put me in a cage

Everything they say to you is a lie
can you believe they framed you for the murder of Erica?
A murder that never existed in the first place?
hahahaha, they think they outsmarted me, but guess what
They couldn't be more wrong
Erica died in a fire long ago with my parents
Calling them parents doesn't even mean they did a terribly good job though
Erica is the one that saved me
Why would I ever hurt her

Liars! Traitors!

I've had my house burnt to ashes and dirt twice
And the comfort I get is a mental institution filled with lies
All I want is the truth alone
Track Name: Epiphany
I hear a knock on my door
And there you stand, so innocent
Like we had ever met before
How I wish that was the truth

An undeniable connection that couldn't be explained
Like it was destined by creation
And unreliable selection that intertwined our fates
And made us such a fatal relation

What could be if we took the time to rethink our choices
Would time stand still when you're not here
I'm longing for the words to have a meaning
'Cause this is leading me nowhere

Who are you, and what are you trying to tell me
Is this all in my head
What the fuck happened to me
And how the fuck did I get here

I see your face melt in the flames
Maybe I'm the one who is insane
You keep saying the same three words
I am Erica
Track Name: Disorientated
My dear I've realized the truth about who we are
My truth, turns out, it's all a lie I wish I never knew
My home was our home
until it all burned to the ground
I ran away, escaped the flames, I thought you didn't make it
This cannot be true

I will do what it takes to preserve my reality
This will all be forgotten
I can't let you shatter my beliefs

I see your face melt in the flames
And I look down at my hands
A matchbox to the left, petrol to the right
What have I done to you Erica