Part: 1 & 2

by Nova: Rebirth

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Core To The Core - Nova: Rebirth - Singles Premiere


released August 26, 2015

Nova: Rebirth -

Proceeds go to the Artists!

Vocals - Klent Gullick & Caner Gokeri
Guitar - Jesse Enriquez & Hayden Montague




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Track Name: The Spark Of Intrinsicality Part: 1
Show me what I live for
Show me what I lack
Give me something to believe in
And never take it back.

I want to feel more
This is the war of the ages,
welcome the world eater and try to fight with your mind so clouded with blight!
Hinder their minds and control the world.
Welcome the new world order
Pledge allegiance to the fucked

I refuse to be moved and broken down by what you consider truth.
These closed minds all seek something more.
Some seek money, some seek power, some seek youth.
But without all of those concepts what will you lose?
Without the need to climb the ladder to your need
what is the point of the ladder being used?
Show me a sign
in this forgotten planet,
I wish to learn more
than what I'm told to by people with their own interests In mind.
Show me more that I can do
I wanna be intrinsical
I wanna be more to you
Gods abandoned the weak.
I am amongst the meek.
Hiding in stupidity and hardship.
Bring me out of this.
Intrinsicality and love
will bring us back to the age of
The Age of

I say again.

Intrinsicality and love being us back to the age of

Creationism and a lust for more than what we endure here.

Bring us back.
Start from scratch.
bring us back
start from scratch
start from scratch

This is the eon of corruption.
Blind eyes were never meant to see truth.
We all have no more we could lose.

March towards home!

We all reach for something to hold onto so our minds won't go to the darkest regions.
Well I refuse to let the darkness find my mind for, like flint in the dark.

I am the spark!

(pick it up, pick it up!)

March towards home, show them we are not alone.
We are few but we fight stronger than ever before.
Track Name: The Scorch Of Insanity Part: 2 (Feat. Caner Gokeri)
The blood of the warrior
flows through my veins like a rage slowly growing within me.

I can feel the anger crawling up my spine.
Breaking the ground below me.
I can feel my body aching for blood and screaming for something more from within me.
I am your adversary, your blocked off path. How long exactly do you think you'll fucking last? Blood, sweat and steel clash here on this scorched earth, rage and insanity, a hybrid birth.
(You've been burned by the fire of my touch
Your wooden skin is black and charred
Fury from the flames within my eyes
Will purge the darkness of my mind
And send it straight to Hell.
So choke on my voice, and choke on the smoke. Dying as you hear these four last words.)
Look up as the guillotine hangs over your bed.
Off with his head.
Off with your head!
I am the end of all you know here.
Step up, here we go!

You will not force upon me your black heart!
A single spark, causing a wildfire in the dark.
The spark, turned flame, raging higher than ever before.
The scorch will eat you alive for all you've tried to do!

I am the scorch of insanity!
Standing tall, through the fall, I will crush the darkness in one blow.
and when I'm done,
March towards home.
(So when you've come this far
And the madness sets in
And balance of light and dark gets tipped
I can rest assured you won't be around to hold me down
So choke on my voice
And choke on the smoke
Dying as you hear these three last words
Burn baby, burn)

I was the start to new begginings,
The start of a story, the intrinsical part of life continuing on! (X2)

The blood of the warrior flows through my veins like a rage slowly growing within me.
am the scorch of insanity.
I am a spark formed deeply ingrained in me.
I am the end of insecurity.
I am all reason!