The Art Of Emptiness

by Solaris

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Core To The Core - Solaris - EP Premiere
(Released - January 2013)


released September 16, 2015

Solaris -

Proceeds go to the artists!

Guitar - Trevor Hinesley
Vocals - Will Rhodes / Trevor Hinesley / Jason Weidman
Bass - Jason Weidman
Drums - Bryant Lowry




Core To The Core Massachusetts

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Core To The Core

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Track Name: Disconnected
I am a machine

Shut off from the source of my humanity

So quiet
So calloused
When will it return?
When will I find it again
Where is it hidden

The source, my sustenance

My shell is caving in, cracked at the foundation
Devolving ever closer to systematic collapse

Reconnect me x2

repair the man within
I need to feel again

Redirect me x2

Fashion my core with strength
Give meaning to this
Hopeless existence
I am lost without you

Surrounded by malfunction
The self-induced virus setting in
I've brought this destruction on myself (on myself)

Pierce the framework of this machine
Find the essence of what it means "to be"
Pierce the framework of this machine
Find the essence of what it means to be alive
Track Name: Blocked And Broken
Stories written and stories told
All laid out before me
What a cold night this is turning out to be
At my feet lay paths blocked and broken
And I know there's no way to return
No turning back to the way from which I came

This is my life
This is here and now
I don't have anything else (All I love is gone)
This is what is real
I wish it weren't so
I wish it were all a dream

I'd break my neck if I thought it would wake me up

This is all I have
A castle made of sand, waiting to collapse

I wish it were just a dream
I'd give anything just to wake up

I know it's never going to change
So I'll grit my teeth and bare it

I'll take the weight of it all
And I will not be crushed
Refined by fire
I will rise from the ashes and dust

Nothing broken, wounds mended
Cycle undone, pain ended

I'd show what this world has left me with
If there was anything to see
Starting over with a clean slate
I will rise
I will rise
I will rise, above this world, above it all
I will rise, I will conquer it all
Track Name: Control
take hold, regain control
my knees lock as i plant my feet to the earth

days slipping by
losing progress in vain
what does it take
for a man to change

the waves break against my back
my spine shatters
replace it with steel
my heart withers

so i rebuilt it with gears and wheels
time is now in my hands
i own it, i control it

a thought planted in my mind
breeding confidence and composure
bending space
shattered mirrors, and broken glass

distorted reflections on the surface of water
these are all just a shadow of me
i only am who i choose to be

take hold, regain control
i own it, i control it
Track Name: Waves Of White
the culmination of my life before me
fading into pale white
silence wraps itself around me
swept away in cold
shivers and shockwaves send my body shaking
gasping for air
if this is the end then all i can hope for is purpose
purpose in all of this
Track Name: Imprisonment
eyes open to the morning's sun, but it's not easy waking up

when everything you want to live for stayed behind in your dreams (avoiding your reality)

and it's funny, all the things that i hate in you
are the very things that i hate in me
they haunt me like a sickness
and shadow my every thought

i'd cut them off
and i'd carve you out
but my blade is dull and bloody

and theres no strength left to remove
just skin to hide a broken man who's enslaved to you

cut off from stability and stripped of motivation
shackled to your remnant, servant to a ghost

you are gone, i am alone
yet i still feel your presence
i hear your voice ringing out
with such clarity

and in the silence it becomes so deafening
i can't take it anymore

pen and paper intertwine
only your name appears
i retreat into my mind
only to find you here

i can't escape (there's no where left to run)
there's no escaping this

i'll cut you out
i swear it, i swear it
i'll cut you out
Track Name: Innocence
Purity is lost.

Submerged in guilt.
What have I become?
All of my love traded for lust

I painted pictures of my future, but they never turned out like this
I thought I'd be something more
I thought age would bring enlightenment

What can man do?
Not to cease time
But to hold on to one's self
To prevent the decay of purity

Turn back the clock

That time is gone
And I know I'm not getting it back

So I'll do what I can to make up for what's been lost

Innocence is dead
Revive it again
Find yourself
We are better than this

While others wallow in filth
I long to take the road less traveled
Because I am searching for something that will last
Something that I can take with me for the rest of my days

We waste our lives
Our efforts lead to nothing
Investing ourselves in false reality
Our words amount to nothing