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Track 3


Just found myself on this battlefield caused by hate and greed. Fallen soldiers. A mass grave. Those who are
responsible just disappeared. Now I have the honor to clean up this mess, to hush up what could remind us of the
past. The last victim’s buried. Descendants comforted. And the gunfire sadly salutes. Can I walk straight on with my
head up high? I’ve sown good fortune in all of your mind, on the infertile soil of your grief. Will I harvest consolation
and forgiveness or will I reap the hate of my predecessors? I can’t go on. It’s my demise. Or I must erase. But still I
must follow my duty, must hide all the graves, must plant some more trees. The memories force me, to hide a mass
grave, dig a hole. Elected. Bring out the dead. Shovel and pick. The dig that I dig


from DAWN, released January 25, 2017
- Mycelia -




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