Permanent Intoxication

from by Mycelia

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Track 5


Insidious hiding in the meadows. Invidious always observing the ultimate ambition. Awaiting the rain that shall
protect the troops of doom, that shall protect the uprising plague. Men hunting one another to see the heretic
dead. Give them a reason worth to die for, worth to fight for. Painful stalled toes and fingers. Lost unborn
progenies motionless lie about. Apparently dead. And those never ending pins and needles, like fire under the
skin, brought in afflicted harvest gorged without concern. Kneel to the donor of grief. Innocent slight, inexorable
increase. Suffer on incurred wrath, the rise of mischief. Bow down in front of creation’s crowning glory. Pray for
relief. Father help me, depraved is all I see, degenerated bodies, shadows of diseased. Douse the fire. No longer I
can hide. Douse the flames that sear me from the inside. War-torn families, fought by their own sons. Awakening
in hell, praying to the savior of the diseased, praying at the altar of saint Antony.


from DAWN, released January 25, 2017
- Mycelia -




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