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Track 6


I chew on my tongue, all senses become numb. Bite my broken lips, to receive the serpents final kiss.I scrape my
face off, rip off my lid, pull out my infected eyes. I skin myself alive. I tell you my prey, I wear your face now, to rise
on your earnings and infect those who stayed by your side.
Everything you rely on, worthless it will be. The evoked evil breed I am! Your existence, my desire. Your ignorance
is what I admire. The scent of your sheets, watching you sleep. So libidinous. Seductive but selfish.
I digested my existence. I died but I returned. The acardiac I have become, heartless I stroll about, longing for
rebellion. I pull on the chain without any avail. A smile on my face because I imagine myself suffocating. The time
has come for the slave to slay its lord. I've become everything I used to hate too strong not to regurgitate. The
desire to die. I end this live in vain, destroy what you have made me become, destroy the reflection I see.
Kick me when I'm down, stab my back and twist the knife, fasten the string around my neck. Breathless, I can’t feel
the pain. Smash the mirror, cut my veins, avenge the sorrow I brought to this land. Burnt out from the inside. The
empty shell I have become. The addiction for power, devastating still irresistible. Fill me up with trust and share
your heart/blood for consolation.
Bleed for me, bleed for the whore you are, bleed for the coward I am. Waste your last breath. Choke. Scream
yourself to death.


from DAWN, released January 25, 2017
- Mycelia -




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